Do you ever use a computer, tablet or cell phone? If you answered yes, and chances are you did, then you need to backup.

We have come to a point where everything we do is on some sort of electronic device. School work, taxes, photos, business and financial records, health records, the list goes on and on. Think about your device, and everything you have saved on it. Now, blink your eyes. That’s how quickly it can all be lost. 

Years worth of information and data gone. It only takes one incident, a dropped laptop, water spilled, a deleted file, a computer virus, for you to lose everything. Having a backup allows you to recover your files if something should happen.

A backup is a copy of your data. You can choose to back up certain files or your whole device. Most people back their data up to an external drive, or to someplace on the internet.

Capitol Computers provides backup and data recovery services. Contact us for more information.

Check out the World Backup Day website!

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