Wana Decrypt Screenshot

Screenshot of the ransom note left on an infected system


There has been a recent malware (computer virus) outbreak that encrypts data and demands ransom for the key to recover the encrypted data. This malware, also known as “Wannacry”, “WannaCrypt”, “WanaCrypt0r”, “WCRY”, is spreading rapidly and we encourage you to take action immediately to protect your data.

Capitol Computer’s Managed Service customers are already protected from this malware because we actively manage their computers and firewalls to make sure they’re as up to date as possible. It is still important to practice safe emailing and browsing habits. Never open emails from someone you do not know. Do not open attachments that you were not expecting.



If you’re not a managed services customer you should take action to protect your data including:
  • Verify the status of your backups by checking the backup log files.  Test your ability to recover from your backups by restoring one or more files.
  • Update your operating system software for all servers, desktop, and laptop computers.  Most operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Macintosh) will automatically install operating system updates but it’s a good idea to verify that your operating systems are current.  If you still have computers running operating systems prior to Windows 7 (i.e. XP) you should immediately disconnect them from the network and make plans to upgrade or replace.
  • Update all firewalls and/or devices that act as gateways to the internet.  These devices will have firmware and or security subscription updates that need to be current in order to provide protection against evolving malware.
  • Verify the status of your security software to make sure it’s up to date and that the subscription is active.
  • Train the computer users that security is everyone’s concern.  Do not click on links in email because you can’t be sure where you’ll be redirected.  Encourage computer users to speak up if they feel their computer has been compromised – faster intervention usually results in less damage.
For assistance with the above actions, or to become a Managed Services customer  Contact us today!

The computer security incident recently publicized is a real threat and you should take action to protect your data.  Delay works against you – TAKE ACTION NOW!

More information at:

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