The Benefits of Instructor-Led Training

Capitol Computers Training Center offers software training in an Instructor-Led environment. This means that all of our lessons are taught in a classroom setting. The course and materials are presented by an instructor. Students follow along, applying the skills learned in real time.
We often hear that individuals or companies don’t want to spend the time or money for an Instructor-Led Training. They can find the same topics online and less expensive. This is sometimes true, but classroom training’s offer benefits that online training’s simply cannot. Lets talk about some of those benefits.

Better Focus on the Subject –  Students can direct all their attention to the lesson. If employees are expected to complete an online course at their home or office, they’ll be distracted by all sorts of things, family, housework, co-workers, telephone calls, etc. A classroom setting eliminates those distractions.


Practice the Skills Learned – Students will be applying the skills they are learning to real world situations. They will also have the instructor and other students there to answer questions, troubleshoot and provide feedback. Not to mention a controlled space to practice and make mistakes.

Retain Knowledge and Skills – Students most often retain more of the skills taught when learning from an instructor, following a continuous flow of information. On-demand and online learning allows the student to start and stop a lesson, over and over again. This causes them to retain less information and potential not even finish the lesson.

Real-Time Feedback – The instructor can address questions and specific needs as they come up. Lessons can be adapted, either more or less time can be spent on a specific skill, to the need of the students.

Team Building – Sending multiple employees to the same training helps break down barriers between departments. It provides an opportunity for employees to have personal interactions, build relationships and inhibits cross-department cooperation.

As you can see, there are many benefits to attending an Instructor-Led Training. So make sure your employees have the skills that they need to be efficient at their jobs. Check out out training schedule, then contact us to register.

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