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Managed Services

Here at Capitol Computers, we can remove the burden of managing your IT Department. By providing the small business owner with a Managed Services Solution, we can help maximize the performance of your IT Department while controlling costs. Capitol’s Managed Services Solution is a proactive support model which provides our clients with a guaranteed level of service at a predictable monthly fee. Our goal is to analyze situations and fix them before they become problems.

What’s in a Managed Services contract?

No matter the tier, all Managed Services contracts include:


  • Monitoring the success or failure of scheduled backups
  • Documented and verified backup configuration
  • Software updates and patches
  • Monthly tests to confirm backed up files can be easily restored
  • Follow up on job failures:
    • We notify you and fix the problem

Security software:

  • You’re notified of computer security events
  • Cleanup of infected server (or computers if workstations are included)
  • Maintained security software with patches and updates on server and endpoints
    • (The security software must be a version we can support)

Operating system patches:

  • Server operating system updated with patches monthly
    • workstations also receive updates if they are part of the contract

Disaster recovery:

  • Priority escalation and management to restore from a disaster
  • Hardware costs are not included but all labor to recover your computers to a functional state are
  • A disaster is defined as a server that is not responsive or an event that affects more than 50% of all computer users

Monitoring services:

  • We install, configure, and maintain software to monitor your network and notify us of key events concerning:
    • hardware
    • utilization (hard drive, memory, processor, bandwidth)
    • processes
    • service packs
    • event logs
    • backups
    • antivirus status
    • and more…

Site services:

  • Monthly on site visit to:
    • manage account
    • follow up on issues
    • visually inspect equipment
    • report work completed / in progress and future projects
  • Document software and hardware changes with copy to customer point of contact
  • Manage user accounts, groups, and rights (adds, deletes, changes)
  • Online Helpdesk Access
  • A dedicated account manager
    • Please note: your account manager will not necessarily work on your site all the time, but they will know it best and will communicate with all our technicians who do the work so you will be taken care of in a timely manner. Typically, the account manager will be the one to do monthly maintenance.

Priority service:

Contracted customers receive priority response over non-contracted customers. Based on the number of customer employees out of service, we will triage between contracted customers.

Help desk:

You and your users can call our support desk Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, to talk to one of our team. We also have an On Call technician for anything that happens after hours. ubmit a ticket for any issues

What Else Does Managed Services Offer?

Managed Services has four tiers to help customize it to the level that most suits your needs and budget. They are Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All have the same base of support, but the three higher tiers offer Block Time: a predetermined number of hours at a set rate which is lower than our Tier I fee (please see Block Time for more information).

Bronze comes with 4 hours of Block Time per month at $80/hour, Silver comes with 8 hours of Block Time per month at $75/hour, and lastly, Gold with 12 at $70/hour. Of course, if you need a few more hours than what each tier provides, our contract can be personalized to your projected needs.

The biggest benefit of Silver and Gold is that they include a Standby Server at no extra cost to you. What this means is if your server dies, we can transfer your data over to the standby in a few hours and you’ll be up and running again while we fix your server. The Standby Server can be added to Basic and Bronze tiers for $50/month and $25/month respectively.