The support you need, when you need it

Capitol Computers’ Help Desk provides IT support that keeps Maine businesses running 24/7.

Our team of skilled technicians provide multi leveled support through email, on the phone, remotely and onsite.

Tier 1 work is characterized by desktop/laptop support, basic Microsoft Office “how to”, virus remediation, printer issues, and “localized” issues which aren’t related to a dedicated server, a firewall, or the network

Tier 2 work is characterized by server, firewall, and network support, desktop/laptop issues with network involvement, complex application support, Domain record management, backup, basic file/folder recovery services, and multi-computer software installations and configurations

Tier 3 work is characterized by complex issues involving routing or network management, programming specific to your site, disaster recovery of a site, application development, and web site design.hourly labor rates

Break/fix support is offered on a time and materials basis.  Support is billed according to the complexity of the task at hand.

Managed Services support is offered in block time to our Managed Services clients. Clients receive a set amount of support hours per month, according to their contract. Any support hours above what is included is billed as break/fix support.