Microsoft Office 2016

We offer the following Microsoft Office 2016 classes: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Offered as full day, instructor-led class with beginner to advanced material to provide training for students of all skill levels.

Classes are taught in a classroom setting. The course material is presented by the instructor and the students follow along, applying the skills learned in real time. The course book used during the class is available for purchase.

We use course ware that is developed usingĀ decades of experience in teaching applications software with a fresh, contemporary approach. Bullet-proof, practical, and realistic hands-on exercises form the backbone, while an engaging voice makes things a bit more fun. The manuals give you what you need without any of what you don’t.

Our computer software training’s are prefect, whether you are an individual looking to add to their arsenal of skills or an employer wanting to provide your employees with the skills they need in the work place.

Course Rate: $195 per day

Course Book: $18

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Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft Word

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